Mariella Hudson is an Irish-Peruvian writer from London. She also likes to act things, sing things, film things and live things. Gathered here are her travel writings and literary non-fiction, poetry and artwork, film-making projects and cultural reportage. You can follow her on Twitter at @mariella_hudson and take part in her upcoming podcast, Conversations About Sex, by taking this survey.profile hawt

The title ‘Strange Wild Birds’ is taken from Thomas Hardy’s novel Jude The Obscure. Hardy uses the phrase to describe a group of travelling wanderers who join together briefly in a moment of solidarity with the eponymous hero before moving on their way again, glimmering away into the background of stories. (See Jude The Obscure, Part 4, At Shaston, Chapter 1.)

Unless otherwise stated, everything here is Mariella Hudson’s own original work, including artwork and photographs as well as text, and is as such

© 2015 – 2017 Mariella Hudson. All rights reserved.


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The online portfolio of Mariella Hudson, Irish-Peruvian writer and podcaster. @mariella_hudson

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