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Mariella Hudson is an Irish-Peruvian writer from London. She also likes to act things, sing things, film things and live things. She wrote her first play, Things Made To Last, which went on to win Kingston College’s ACT One-Act Playwriting Award in 2011, when she was sixteen. She has kept on plugging away since, adding literary essays, life writing, short stories and cultural journalism to her canon. Since receiving a first-class BA in English from the University of London, she has worked as an assistant editor at a publishing house, a teaching assistant in the Caribbean and, briefly, a volunteer public speaking coach for young people. She is currently making a podcast about sex education in the hopes of making the world a slightly less alienating and confusing place for the next generation of brilliant young people.

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Gathered here are the latest news and examples of her projects, including Dispatches From Martinique, her recent film-making collaborations and all her cultural reportage. You can follow her on Twitter at @mariella_hudson and take part in her upcoming podcast, Conversations About Sex, by taking this survey.

Unless otherwise stated, everything here is Mariella Hudson’s own original work, including artwork and photographs as well as text, and is as such

© 2015 – 2017 Mariella Hudson. All rights reserved.

To get in touch with Mariella, you can message her on Twitter or leave a comment on this page. She is always looking for new people to collaborate with!


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The online portfolio of Mariella Hudson, Irish-Peruvian writer and podcaster. @mariella_hudson

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