The Gingko Presents (2016)

Directed by Mariella Hudson
Interviews conducted by Mariella Hudson
Camera & Sound: Matthew Eastwood, Mariella Hudson
Music Composed by Mariella Hudson
Edited by Mariella Hudson

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Hannah Rose Thomas
The Arab Weekly
Diana Darke
Zahed Sultan

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This series of short online films was created for the Gingko Foundation, a charity committed to deepening cultural and academic dialogue between the Western World and the MENA regions (Middle East, West Asia and North Africa).

In The Gingko Presents series, I interview a diverse range of individuals whose work contributes to this endeavour, from fine artists, writers and musicians to journalists and charity workers.

The episodes aired June – December 2016, in the run-up to the 2016 Gingko Conference.


Mariella Hudson, travelling writer of the heart, brain and world

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