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Conversations About Sex

Did you know that women get (clitoral) erections? Or that there are no physiological differences between the sex drives of men and women? Do you think your sexual education was good enough? 

We should all be having Conversations About Sex.

Conversations About Sex is a podcast that examines the cultural, societal and practical reasons why sexual knowledge across the globe is so substandard, and what we can do to improve it. Each episode will take apart a particular aspect of the sex education we all wish we’d had: consent, internet sex, gender roles, and many more. I’ll be inviting professionals from a wide variety of industries to join the discussion, including porn actors, sex educators and health ministers, as well as ordinary members of the public.

Lina Bembe in ‘Try My Boyfriend’ | © Erika Lust

Get involved

To get involved, you can take this survey about your own experiences with sexual education (or lack thereof). It takes 5-10 minutes.

You can also follow @mariella_hudson on Twitter to follow updates on the project and for all sexual health-related news!

Tweet me with your answers to the following question:

Based on your own experiences or opinions, what should we be telling young people about…

  • consent?
  • LGBTQI+ identity and issues? 
  • porn?
  • internet sex?
  • sexting?
  • sexual dysfunction in men and women?
  • the impact of mental health upon sexual health and relationships?
  • differences in body types and choices?
  • healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships?
  • pleasure and figuring out your preferences?
  • navigating cultural attitudes towards sex?


Because sex ignorance shouldn’t be a thing.